Definitely worth checking out! It has Turmeric, Multi-Collagen and Amino Acids and tastes great. I love how it has helped my skin, hair and nails. It's also anti aging so you know what I'll be drinking every day!
Weronika Raczkowska
Fashion Model
As someone that's new to taking supplements, I found that taking this product was not only easy , It also tastes amazing. On top of that, it's great to travel with. I would definitely recommend people try it out.
Robert Barrios
First thing is I really like how I can put it in my gallon of water and carry it around to have something tasty to drink all day. Secondly after looking up the different ingredients in this, it's good to know that I'm not putting any bad stuff into my body. This has good clean ingredients that's going to benefit me short and long term.
Trent Berry
I am a weight lifter, runner and avid hiker. I definitely needed something for muscle building and inflammation. This product has all the right ingredients I was looking for like Leucine and Turmeric. It also tastes good and not filled with chemical ingredients like a lot of brands. So far, I have been improving my performance with using this supplement consistently. It also curbs my hunger as well. I am happy with the results.
Jane Kim

Consume at Work or Play

Construction Sites, Landscape Crews, Lunch Breaks
Gym, Yoga, Athletic Training, Tennis, MMA, Biking, Hiking, Aerobics, CrossFit​

Basically anywhere that you can have a water bottle and you’re generating a thirst.

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